Absolutely. We love new people who have never raced. The TVRC atmosphere is about fun and enjoyment. If you are interested come out and see what our club is about and don’t be afraid. Some of our local pros will be able to help you through out the whole process.
When you get to the track (Carpet or Dirt) ask someone for help. We are all willing to help get you pointed in the right direction with where to pit, get power etc.
You can go to this page: Membership
All novice drivers are able to use transponders for free. Just ask when you signup where they are located and how you use them. If you are not in novice it costs $10 to rent per event.
All racers, who are not in novice, must marshall following their own race. We ask that no one under the age of 14 marshal 1/8th scale. If you need help to learn how to marshal, ask us anyone is willing to demonstrate what to do.
  • Be aware and keep your eyes open! Your personal safety is most important.
  • Watch your corner, not the race! Try to be vigilant for cars needing marshaling near you.
  • Avoid entering a lane when multiple cars are coming towards you, unless you can do so safely and without impacting another cars race.
  • Pick up 1/8th cars front or rear, 1/10th cars by the sides.
  • Do not reach for a car that is on throttle.
  • Be aware of runaways. Runaways are when the throttle sticks open and the driver does not have control of the vehicle. In the case of Nitro, this can severely damage the engine if it is allowed to rev up with no load.
  • In the event of a nitro run away, flip the car onto the wheels (chassis down if not already done) and push down on the car so that the tires cannot spin and so that the engine cannot rev. Plug the pipe with something other than your finger, something to shield you from the heat like a cuff, shoe, glove. The pipe will be very hot.

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